Warranty does not cover physical and water damage. 

This includes broken screens and bent devices. If the phone is physically damaged when we receive it, the warranty will not cover it.

If any third-party has worked on the device without agreement from us, this may also invalidate your warranty.

We will always attempt to repair your device first. If we cannot repair it, we will replace it.


45-Day Exchange Guarantee

 We accept returns/exchanges within 45 days after receiving your products, given a valid reason, and provided the items are in the same condition as when received.

Simply drop us an email at customerservices@hekka.com

Please note overdue requests may not be accepted.

We provide exchange services for the following issues:

  1. Item does not match the order, including brand, model, storage capacity, color, grade etc. (physical photos are required)
  2. Missing or wrong order caused by AHS

When the actual quantity of items delivered is lower than the order quantity, AHS must reissue (Need to provide unpacking photos or videos). AHS Premier reserves the right to request a return when the actual quantity of items sent exceeds the order quantity.

  1. The following quality problems caused by AHS quality inspection errors:
  • Tail screw \ missing card tray
  • Battery efficiency is below 80%.
  • Serious glue leakage \ cannot be cleaned
  • There are spots in the photo, the camera shakes\there are multiple dirty spots
  • Non-human functional problems


For the above issues you will need to provide clear screenshots, photos or videos of proof.